On September 25 2020 the following sets will rotates out of Standard Metagame:
_Guilds of Ravnica
_Ravnica Allegiance
_War of the Spark
_Core Set 2020


_Throne of Eldraine
_Theros Beyond Death
_Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths
_Core Set 2021
_Zendikar Rising


_ARENA: Amonkhet Remastered - SPOILERS LIVE


_ARENA: CORE 2021 and CORE 2020 Visuals online.


_B&R Announcement HERE.
STANDARD: Wilderness Reclamation - Growth Spiral - Teferi, Time Raveler & Cauldron Familiar are banned.
PIONEER: Inverter of Truth - Kethis, the Hidden Hand - Walking Ballista & Underworld Breach are banned.
HISTORIC: Wilderness Reclamation & Teferi, Time Raveler are suspended.
BRAWL: Teferi, Time Raveler is banned.


_Double Masters Full Visual EN HD


_New homepage online at
_Weatherlight online.
_Visions online.
_Fifth Edition Core Set online.


_B&R Announcement coming on 07.13
_Exodus online.
_Stronghold online.
_Tempest online.
_New "Set" page online.
_New "Updates" page online.
_New "Formats" page online.
_New "Products" page online.
_"New" page online.
_New "Tools" page online.
_Search engine live with all EN cards from M21.
_Uploading on search engine all Jump-Start cards in EN.

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