The Main Event Bundle

Friends, this is what you've come to see: one of each of Dr. Lair's finest exhibits. This bundle has it all. Each drop, in both foil and non-foil (when available) for you to keep. Such splendors, available for your own home and collection! Behold!

Release date: April 25th, 2021


1x Culture Shocks: Bant

1x Culture Shocks: Esper

1x Culture Shocks: Grixis

1x Culture Shocks: Jund

1x Culture Shocks: Naya

1x The Full-Text Lands

1x The Full-Text Lands Foil Edition

1x Our Show Is on Friday, Can You Make It?

1x Showcase: Strixhaven

1x Showcase: Strixhaven Foil Edition

MTG Arena Redemption:

One (1) single-use code for one (1) Showcase:
Strixhaven Themed Sleeve
(may be available later for separate purchase in MTG Arena).

Price: $259.99 - 299,99 Euro

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